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Now, is it just me or did I catch u giving me the eye?
Cuz I done seen u look over here bout 6,7,8 times
Sometimes I wish I wasn't so attracted to these types
It's understood u fine but I been over that hype
And then you wanna call text and message me all night
Girl get yo mind right


Tell me what's the point of you just leading me on
When neither one of us got time for games cuz we're grown
I'm tired of the same ole'
I chase, u run
I kno u think that you the baddest thing under the sun
But this silly childish chase is so done


See I just left the studio w/ Tru sound & Young Fé
Took the rest of the night off hangin w/ Patrick, Airris & Dave
Then I see the baddest female come strolling along
Staring and smiling at a brotha , they said "Go get her dawg!"

So I went in with the quickness
She ain't waste no time givin them digits
But see since I ain't one to worship her she stop showin interest

But if I'm payin she goin
and if I offer she eatin
Ignoring my calls & textin me sayin, "Boy, I was sleepin"

No I ain't gon chase u
Scroll thru my contacts erase u
See cuz most of the time I'm a nice dude
But I don't really wanna see yo face boo
Ooo, its on to the future doll
Take a deep breath albuteral
She tried to eat a brotha up like a lunchable
And now I'm chuckin up dueces, Kevin McCall

Act like a varisty cheerleader back in high school
Girl Ima grown man a boss ain't got no time for u
Congratulations u fine
And the earth revolves around yo mind
I'd like to thank you oh so much
For wasting all of my time


See I'm way too intellectual to put u on a pedestal
And I keep things respectable
As opposed to gettin sexual
But girl u always playin to till the point where i cant mess w/ u
Fellas ya'll can't let these silly women get the best of u



And I don't even mess wit Chase Bank
Ima be frank
The money just come I don't chase bank
I travel America
Golden Girls, yall so terrible
Jasmine, Susie, & Erica
Security, please take of her, her, and her

Before I have to turn up
Cuz I'm a little fed up
Before I have to turn up
Cuz I'm a little fed up

Who let ya'll in anyway?
(this VIP boo)
Who let ya'll in anyway?
(this VIP boo)


from Phelps Phriday Mixtape, released August 16, 2013
Written by K. Phelps
Publishing Co: Real Music Affiliates Publishing (BMI)/ Inspiring Minds Publishing (ASCAP)
Recorded in Orlando, FL


all rights reserved



Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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