What if the music industry didn't exist?
What if you could work with who you wanted, when you wanted and be compensated accordingly?
What if you could be vulnerable in your music about love and life without being chastised for it?
What if the days of chasing major record labels and artists for placements were over...and everyone was coming to you?
What if you could reference the only living God and what he means in your life and be publicly vindicated?
What if there were no rules to this musical playground?
Well..... (x3)
You'd have.....REAL. beautiful. MUSiC

I said no more waiting
No more hunting for placement
And no more of ya’ll throwin my classics out on the pavement
Consider this a press conference
Let me make a statement
Music’s almost extinct
Dead and gone, a bunch of cavemen

Was workin’ hard to be the next Tim or Ye
I said “I'm bout to be the king of this production game.”
No matter who I sent the beats to, man it still wasn’t right
I guess them Def Jam sessions shoulda changed my life

But nah….slight change a plans
Want y'all to understand
That I don't need to be put on by no other man
Cuz I got everything I need right here in my hands
A classic record, loyal fans, phorever packin’ out the stands

I’ll start this independent revolution
And since I'm leading this, I’m bouta write the constitution
Outlaw the slavery and end the prostitution
Making sure the corporate pigs get the proper retribution

In conclusion, maybe they won’t ever play me on MTV
Maybe the industry won't ever co-sign me
I'm still guaranteed success
Homie you gon’ see
Because the fact still remains that my destiny was never a maybe

Never a maybe
I said my destiny was never a maybe
Never a maybe (x2)


from Real​.​Beautiful​.​MUSiC, released February 13, 2015
Written by K. Phelps, D. Edwards, J. Williams
Produced by KEiTH PHELPS for REAL MUSIC AFFILIATES (RMA) & DJ S.O.M for SoulofMuzik
Additional Vocals:Patrick Moote
Publishing Co: Real Music Affiliates Publishing (BMI)/ V Kelly Publishing (BMI)/Inspiring Minds Publishing (ASCAP)
Recorded in Orlando, FL & Los Angeles, CA


all rights reserved



Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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