Don't Work the Same

from Phelps Phriday Mixtape by Keith Phelps

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My momma said I needed a check up
And after I done toured quite a bit I said, "Fair enough"
Cuz lately the way that my health is slippin is scarin her
She lookin at the stress in my eyes as I stare at her
And I don't know how to really explain how disappointed I am
How I'm not always proud of the man I currently am
And how it seems like the best decision is artists that's independent
I can't even get folks attention
I'm tryna make a difference

2 man team on both sides of the coasts
Seem like we never do enough
Altho we doin the most
And the way of the industry got me feelin so pessimistic
Killing all the dreams due to lack of money and politicking

Quality of life mostly determined by the heart
Mine skipped a couple beats
Now I'm on the way to the ER
Doctor said, "I need you to cooperate"
Now let me explain some things Doc, before you opportunity


No it's no broken
No it's not frozen
No I'm not hopeless
It's just my heart don't work the same anymore
Just cuz I guard it
Don't mean I'm heartless
It's just my heart don't work the same anymore

Ayo, they always say there's plenty of fish in the sea
Man, bump all this fishing I'm huntin for meat
And yet my conscious wont let me go thru with it all
Cuz everytime I see a woman I think of my mom

I exhausted my heart man
Way back from the start man
I was a rookie in the game goin hard like Lebron did
Tryna find me a Beyonce just Sean did
A celebrity type love that was so unrealistic

She said, "Who hurt u?
Tell me why u so bitter.
Why u aint text me back but all on the Twitter?"
I aint the one, girl I got vices
And after I partake of them I feel so lifeless
And even tho dating u sounds enticing
I'd rather go a round in the ring with Tyson
Than renew my love license
I really ain't much for pain
Cuz that's the reason why my heart
It don't work the same

Hook (2x)


I got a problem only You can fix
Cuz I'm a slave to the habits that I still struggle with
And yea as confident as I seem when I'm on my own
I still hate all the times that sittin all alone
Last thing I wanna do is be another hypocrite
Openly claim Your name and then living so very far from it
I gave You my heart but then I took it back
Thought a career and some women could better handle that
You said "I hate watching u struggle can I have it back? U see I died so u wouldn't have to turn to that.
I can heal u, u see the stripes on my back?
I had Isaiah write it down so u'd remember that"

So create in me a clean heart, a new heart straight from You
And ima guard it with all diligence because it's brand nu
From now on I'm casting every last one of my cares on You
And the reason that my heart don't work the same is all because of You


from Phelps Phriday Mixtape, released August 16, 2013
Written by K. Phelps, E. Woolfork
Produced by: Ellis Woolfork & KEiTH PHELPS for REAL MUSIC AFFILIATES (RMA)
Publishing Co: Real Music Affiliates Publishing (BMI)/ Inspiring Minds Publishing (ASCAP)
Recorded in Orlando, FL


all rights reserved



Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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