from PHiNDiNG Myself by Keith Phelps



Phelps returns today with the release of his first single titled “Curved” off of his surprise debut EP, “PHiNDiNG Myself” available on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify June 6th.


Yea 3x

Baby girl lookin' so good
And I be all on her pages
She be likin' all my posts
I be like, "Oh snap shawty ain't playin"
The way she be sendin' them tweets
Baby girl borderline cakin'
Girl double tap so much
I swear her thumb gon start breakin'

I'm finna slide in that inbox
Them DMs, I know u see em
We both know you got an iPhone so don't like don't read em
No matter how nice I word it
You still gon swear that I'm thirsty and lurkin'
Man this girl got a lot of nerve
Basically shawty said swerve
Yea a brotha just got curved


Curved 3x
Yea a brotha just got
Curved 3x
Now lemme hear you say "Ohhh"
Sound somethin' like "Noooo"
Yea a brotha just got curved

Let me flip the script
(Flip it)
Shawty seen Keith Phelps workin'
First she wanna act brand new, different story when we in person
Now she all in my face
Starin at me while I'm on stage man
Gotta dose of her own medicine
But she don't like how it's tastin'

You thought that I was a nobody cuz I came at you humble
And I see you with yo friends all talkin bout me in the huddle
Pretendin' you ain't that salty
Yo face is showin' the struggle, disgruntle

Girl you shouldn't have got on my nerves
This is me tellin' you to swerve
Now tell this girl she done got curved



I shouldn't have to run off my résumé
To qualify me to take you on a date
You seemed so down to earth, guess that was my mistake
Cuz at the end of the day
Baby girl, we both got curved

Hook 2x


from PHiNDiNG Myself, track released May 30, 2014
Written by K. Phelps, C. Brown, V. Kelly
Produced by: Carnegie & Keith Phelpsfor REAL MUSIC AFFILIATES (RMA)
Mixing by: Chris Brown
Publishing Co: Real Music Affiliates Publishing (BMI)/ Inspiring Minds Publishing (ASCAP)
Recorded in Orlando, FL


all rights reserved



Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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