from PHiNDiNG Myself by Keith Phelps

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Pre Chorus:

Welcome to Valentines Day
In a solitary way
I'm not really in my feelings
Just feelin some type of way
Ain't really tryna conversate cuz I ain't got that much to say
Just writin to this beat that Féla put in my Dropbox today


On February 14th I'm chillin
To tell the truth see my heart still needs a little healin
And I done been thru so much it's hard to catch feelins
And even though the wounds heal, it feels like I'm still bleedin
(On 2hpourteen)

And all my cousins and friends is all boo'd up
Couples with the fresh fits hair all do'd up
Man my perception of women is all screwed up
Man I'm so jaded w the love game too much
Love be tryna knock u down
Ain't tryna catch that fade
I swear the ones that fall the hardest be the ones gettin played
I'm so worn out like sweaters mispronounced like "pleyd"
Sometimes when I be feelin lonely wish that you woulda stayed
Before I made them dumb decisions wish that I woulda prayed
Wish I hadnt bought u all that with the bread I was paid
Havin memories of kissin you
But I aint really missin you
February 14th, let this chorus reminisce with you

Pre Chorus:



On 2phourteen x8

I need some healin
(On 2phourteen)
Hate the way that I'm feelin
(On 2phourteen)
(On 2phourteen)

Pre Chorus:

Hook 2x:


And after everything is said and done
Remember joy comes with the rising of the morning sun
I know it seems as if you always are the mourning one,
That struggles just a find a love to hold u down, not throw u up

All peculiar people
Need peculiar people
Need a Love that always is so honest
Never is deceitful
Patience is a virtue
Listen to me please don't ever settle
Regardless of the pain of solitude it will get better

It's not always gonna be this way
You won't always feel the tears streaming down your face
Regardless of your strength you don't have to carry that weight,
Rehearse that pain or remain in that state

We were created with a heart full of passion
Patterned after the master
Never meant for disaster
He's the only that's qualified to stop a heart bleed
So why don't u let him mend ur broken heart
(On 2phourteen)



from PHiNDiNG Myself, released June 6, 2014
Written by K. Phelps, F. Ross, V. Kelly
Produced by Féla Ross for TheFuturesOwn Music Group & KEiTH PHELPS for REAL MUSIC AFFILIATES (RMA)
Mixing by: Keith Phelps
Publishing Co: Real Music Affiliates Publishing (BMI)/ Inspiring Minds Publishing (ASCAP)
Recorded in Sarasota & Orlando, FL


all rights reserved



Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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