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Primo Nemesis

by Keith Phelps

Van Gogh 02:59
Is he really a Van Gogh This wasn’t the plan, yo Dave put the battery in his back like, “Man, go” Gettin to the bread with no crumbs no Panko I got a few fans for my clan, no stans tho Vintage images like Sanyo The flow is too sick, "puedo ir al baño?" Study the game thorough thats namco The finest sonic herb, we only ones you know that plant those By now y’all shoulda known ima handful I’m talking way bigger than making beats On Wednesday with the samples For example, it’s few and far between that could hold a candle That’s why the fucking cockroaches scramble Cuz where I’m goin homie they can’t go I’m moving too fast the dark knight switching lanes in the lambo No longer the sambo all without the piano the biggest thing from the nap to ever live in Orlando I’m sitting on the greatest rap album of the decade Broke Mode completes then we finally see the payday Shit is nuts, let me unwrap the bars, let me display the scars Death, burial, resurrection of an intrinsic star after a Paak & TI placement weeks later living in my in-laws basement Pitchin no-hitters not a chance to run the bases My engine was revving up just to stall what’s the basis? For someone who makes heaters at the mall selling sneakers Co-workers with the side eye cuz even they all could see it The glow from my greatness without me making a statement Back of the stock room writing verses to the tune of soul in need of freedom drove ATL just to try and take some meetings Nothing Back to the basement where I cook like Walter white 21 records to come and save em from a bid in Winston Salem Was Bout to give birth and i could tell just by the cravings Of wanting more than making beats and warming piano seats To change my occupation from brains on an operation To the one that they see with the brush strokes Allow me to paint so vividly A picture where you can see Where the truest of these hip hop artists is crowned king Forced to become a florist had to make my own Bouquet Was destined for the Mike like Bublé I kicked and pushed myself past the fiasco like lupe He too full of himself give a fuck about what you say The unofficial savior Once in a generation This ain’t even the album this is just the preparation So do he rap, do he sing, or do he make beats? Write songs for legends or simply compose for the screen? After all of that he got the nerve to slay em on keys 6 jobs, 2 murders, well aware that death comes in 3’s If we talkin business sense, my nigga don’t get me started Intellextual acumen of one who went to Harvard Talk shit for therapy cuz it’s the most cathartic Sum it up for all you motherfuckers Nigga, I'm the artist
Sad Day 02:40
I wrestle with myself like two dubs and a "E" Downtown sittin' on the balcony I don’t make records this alchemy Gotta take every key every ounce of me Gotta deal with the doubts and belief The pain and the grief The need to be a frontman instead of a stuntman Oh it’s plain to me That’s when it’s really all said and done This what you niggas really came to see Gotta do what I’m supposed to The people need the beats and the vocals Shows too, ta loco, for me to think that I could ever be local Soy cabro You and I know Keith been the one for años I seen all the shit like baños El Rey de Indianos Can’t lie I loved that safety Clung to the beats and key notes that made me Paid from the mic? A far cry, a maybe l was too worried about, "What do they see?" Then you start to see That ain’t much beyond niggas marketing And just off of skill I got all the shots This pandemic shit seemed to stall the plot I really had to ask myself "You ready to take a leap and unmask yourself?" "I mean, you could really get cash yourself If you run a few laps and get past yourself" And not just casual wealth When you up so high that your status is stealth Niggas already can’t see me now More than likely it’s due to the last name, Phelps Wanted your moral support Silence Invested in all of my doubt Just to preserve all your clout You hoping I never come out Let it sit on the drive, in the spam, hoping all shit my shit stay on the cloud Do Mr Phelps really got enemies? Tell me whats all this about I get it now I don’t need funk bands Just two duffle bags in the trunk bands Can’t build brands if you can’t get off ya moms milk glands Loss three teams yet I still stand Learned from hurt had to Hillman Found a way to eat with no meal plan What you know about the reverse still stand? They was looking for my dreams on the kill cam Enough with the pivoting, shoot I am the game’s antithesis "Primo Nemesis" It’ll never get no better than this All the fans is pessimists Took all this shit and then learned how to leverage it Head from the neck how we sever it, separate, hemorrhaging Bouta have all these niggas on the rocks Yea I’m talkin' bout bottom shelf beverages Just for the hell of it It took me a minute to see Ain't a damn thing to fear, nigga, when you me I been puttin' in work, even off the clock Bouta debut this shit at a coffee shop This nigga talk a lot Too black, too hot, stir the coffee pot He said a coffee shop? A humble beginning ain't scathing him This is how we rehearse for the stadiums Ellis be the who lacin' him Fear for the ones who facing him Come sign the new Outkast like Face and them So we can see the Aftermath like Dre & Em I’m red with the white like H & M All these timeless rhymes, you can pay for them The gods of the game, yeah, they wait for him For these wack niggas, it’s a sad day for them
Mistakes 02:01
I heard you niggas albums Them shits sound like a mixtape Better yet, them shits sound mistake When you was in the booth, you shoulda gave up on your fifth take Eatin' all you niggas like a fuckin' Ruth Chris steak I gotta problem Maximum disdain For niggas that love to ride around stuntin' on Biscayne While they albums and verses smell like a fuckin' shit stain My shit is dynamite bitch bow to your sensei None of y’all was prepared for the ball swing this way I’m here to judge Single stroke, that’s the gavel Tell the truth, you ain’t seen nobody like me nigga, have you? Comin through the game with the chopper, nigga I had to They love to treat ya boy like attendants that’s in the bathroom Even those I went to class with Love to Give me tips with the same nasty hand that fuck and wipe they ass with I made this beat for an artist who signed to Capital A young hustler just tryna triple up my capital Staring at the phone tryna figure out what happen tho Cause' this the soundtrack for a rapper that goes platinum Reconnected at his show and right after the mingle He sent a freestyle back like I ain't send em singles Like I ain't send him shit that was slayin' his whole album That probably woulda produced a better financial outcome Giving niggas heat they love to cook up shit without none The way I’m blocking all these motherfuckers when the clout comes No TikTok bars, melodies, or felonies No record executive nepotism ahead of me Just somebody who studied HOV & Nas And sees the entire rap scene through Pusha T’s eyes Niggas won’t hop out they leased Benz to get at me Do it come with extra cheese cuz you ordered Twitter beef? After enough Hennessy Then you aim your pen at me Hoping that when we both done we’ll all stay frenemies Publicist working his hardest to make amends with me While tryna source more than the truth from those who kin to me Do better or die, that’s all I got for you I’ll even help pick a cemetery slot for you Flower on the headstone to thicken the plot for you Going toe to toe with Keith Phelps, nigga, it’s not for you
Come True 02:15
After all of that client shit Feeling like I ain't shit Mask and lockdown had me fearing retirement A wrinkle in time, see I just needed to iron it The irony of my new environment I guess you gotta purge before a splurge Find some purpose for the cheese before it starts to curd Dreams that were deferred Superb, is all I’ll ever be The nerve of Keith showin' that he the shit without being a turd Know people with they dreams on stand by Am I someone who just missed his chance after it ran by? Made a couple beats for those who actually can buy Still couldn’t move me to the league from the sandlot But when your records do slap And you gotta be the one to pull your self up by your own boot straps Then the album drop and I can finally the proof back That every bit of this music shit, I am the truth at Then maybe I could cop me a whip and peel the roof back And make my girl sit in the back her booty too fat I been the Outkast you can call me 2-stacks All my shit smoking so you gotta cop 2 packs 1-1-1-1 1-2, 1-2 Some dreams stay dreams Keith dreams come true 1-1-1, 1-2, 1-2 Some dreams stay dreams Keith dreams come true I don't know bout you Some dreams stay dreams Keith dreams come true I don't know bout you Some dreams stay dreams Keith dreams come true
Testimony 03:13
Do woke niggas ever get to cash a check Or do they just end up in a casket right next Malcom X? I honestly need to know the way I should achieve Draw the thin line, if would for me Between true ambition and what’s known as greed Where do I stand see it’s the fifth that I'ma plead Cause' there’s a multiplicity of ways to define a need How much is enough? How much do they say is too much? Are niggas without shit really much better than those who rich? I’m tired of debt That shit is gross, not net Thought you should know Pentacostal theology taught me to hate what I was and what I would probably be Yes, its Christianity that gave me anxiety And i’m just here to testify, "Thats what He has done for me" Ha ha ha Not to keen on Jesus I kinda prefer Yeezus Least he look like me Y’all changed the book on me And had me on my knees I used to beg and plead When you come back for your slaves And fly off into the sky I’d like a window seat And for all them fucking tithes like I’d to see some receipts That mainline feel more like a burner phone While I gotchu on the line tell me is Nat Turner home? Tryna flame this shit up like we left the burner on Open up your mind like I clicked the chrome and gave you burner dome Started reading the fine print, that’s every clause Y’all sold me a savior bout as real as Santa Clause Arrested my people’s minds without probable cause Maybe that’s why we stuck Maybe that’s why I battle the habit of watching people fuck On the internet Google YouTube preachers for alleged deliverance What if y’all didn’t teach us how to be so fake? Or torture us with the psycho fear of making mistakes? Or mislead us with the concept of not so amazing grace? Come on and get a taste and see That you can really be free You the original man From His original plan Organized western religion is the original scam This ain’t bravado this bravery Wouldn’t know about this shit if it wasn’t for slavery No ain't shit sweet, he mad, way too savory Don’t call my momma or my daddy talkin' bout you really gon' pray for me Stay away from me He don’t make no ways for me All he ever did was time and time constantly get in the way of me So clearly Keith is fed up with the church folk But this is all that they really know The result of being sold shackled and shipped on a boat And once y’all finally realize who y’all are that’s when y’all neck’s in a rope These days y’all go to church for the hell of it Pretty difficult to evangelize irrelevance That and the concept of a white Jesus When you know he wasn’t the one who said he never gon leave us or forsake us The way Lebron left the Cavs to be a Laker You think them colonizers really did us a favor? I’m offering a chance a freedom any takers So you won’t be surprised when you finally meet your maker So you can keep your ten percent, you need your paper Receive this truth, turn to the side and tell your neighbor The true Elohim is about to approach the scene I’m like a fiend, I only want the Most High This silly church shit ain't even a close high The Set Apart Spirit not Casper the Ghost, bye My cup is running over please pass me a coaster I’m just thankful I’m getting to know the one true Yah
You lookin at the last of em all Unless I should decide to shoot another out my balls Whole damn package, all seven dragon balls Wish these niggas would try to see me eye to eye like they fuckin' King Kai Pressin' physicals on Destructo Discs Whole "Broke Mode" a reconstructive diss "It’s over 9,000" I’m talkin' streams Nigga, this the post pandemic senzu bean Seen and been through things True story, I ain't got no tail Word is bond, nigga, ain't no Cell Freestyle No, this shit ain't on sale Sleep-style Wake the fuck up, I ain’t gone fail See, I came in the game sittin' on one Locs is getting long so I’m guess I’m on two When the haters finally see, I’ll be way past three Super Saiyen four Y’all niggas can pay me more for that new found interest Try to bite my style like they saw it on Pinterest Bring ya 28 and a second set of dentures It’s more than you can chew So fuck you Friezas, Androids, and Majin Buu’s This the English sub for niggas without a clue Instant transmitting the backstory to you Take you from your homeland, you see what that shit'll do? Thank the Most High for the day me and Dave fused Ten months in the chamber Y’all in danger They wouldn’t pay me then So I hit the Kaioken Fingerbeam From a single team Turn they mics up Tryna hear every single scream Bitch ya time’s up Eighteen wheels to ya Little Tike truck Get the first and the last dance ‘for the nights up Nikes up, got em by the ankles, nigga, don't run All hail these bitches, the prince of no one Book them podcast interviews so you can tattle Already heard em all like cattle, saddle up Protective style records is it’s time to plat em up It’s a must we up the streams so paddle up The game needs an overseer and a warrior Ima Spirit Bomb this shit till ya need a coroner Now I got em all pondering, "What the future be?" Find out the on next episode of Dragon Ball P
Take a picture so you can make you a poster Don’t conceal the heat, say no to the holster Stack ya bread then watch it pop like a toaster Slipped into this rap shit like it’s my loafers Self appointed King of the Nap, so crown me I only keep the realest of niggas around me Proudly comin' from Marion County With the flows that be known to always surround beats Musical chairs, I’m always around Seats Profound speak, offset the clown squeaks Comin' out the mud, we all got brown cleats Oh, this yo first listen? Be glad that you found me Who you know that can kick rhymes every time on production this dense? Swear its my first sense not a sixth The most wherewithal to pummel through you all True OG’s be glad to know Keith Get few classics when you get no Keith Sixteen pads on that ass I spazz on beats with no trap Salary, no cap Shit is brand new and feel like a throw back When can we go back to vetting these producers, singers, rappers? Instead of incompetent hood boogers and these strippin' ass clappers I’m preyin', y’all careers end a little bit faster Prey I’m talkin' bout ain't the kind from a pastor On the walls of your nightmares my face plastered Godfather in a room full of rap bastards Evicting niggas, hurry up, pack faster Control of the verses like a black pastor Im in ya rear view and ya windshield Keith P. can like pinwheels I been real Shitty trends, everybody moved, I been still This Nap Shit OG midwest rap shit Break bread just so we can stack it It’s habit Hottest shit around Thats that circle city sound That Nap Shit OG midwest rap shit Break bread just so we can stack it Its a habit Oh, they finally came around for the Circle City sound
Family Ties 02:12
Sixty-one, seventy-three, and eighty-eight Keys you gotta move to push them pies and Patti cakes Had my man E save me a proper Seat By no means do I gloat, I know I usually Rock The Boat Just tryna feed my folk and complete the Mode thats Broke Uttered it out my throat, possibly under-spoke Cued the horns, grew a beard, now the haters definitely know Ain't a petting zoo but here is where you find the fuckin' goat Pandemic wages due to quarantine cages Like we at the end of the game the final stages So abrasive, don’t be evasive, bring ya paces This the music they be talkin' bout when they tell you to face it I got one mantra Nothin' else, this is it Three, six, five, wake up and be the shit Don’t let em change your mind about somethin' you know that’s meant Not the bank, the media, or even the government The raps and the beats is twins like Double Mint Extra black like double tints All caps and bold no subtle shit Make em come out the huddle quick Be like, "God damn, Keith Phelps on some other shit" Ten entire months I ain't heard from none of you niggas Aint shit, bitch ass, “I always knew” ass niggas Where the fuck was you when my career was on the gurney? Back when I was making $7.25 at fuckin' journeys Oh another thing I need all you niggas to listen For my day-ones, right after the show we gon kick it But if you ain’t my momma, don’t be askin' for tickets I don’t ask for freebies at none of y'all place of business Nigga go stream my shit and be equally as excited Fraudulent motherfuckers consider this your indictment Brand new well wishers all on I.G. and Twitter Y’all only get half a bar Fuck y’all niggas
Be There 04:39


released April 22, 2022

Executive Produced by: Keith Phelps for Real Music Affiliates & David Edwards for Don’tMindmE Ent
A&R: David Edwards
Mastered at The Sound Design by Tim Boyce
Art Direction/Graphic Design: Veselić & Veselić
Management: Don’tMindmE Ent


all rights reserved



Keith Phelps Indianapolis, Indiana

Keith Phelps is one of his generation’s most vital voices. As one of luxury rap’s new kings, expect him to be a staple in entertainment indefinitely

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