by Keith Phelps

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INTRO What if the music industry didn't exist? What if you could work with who you wanted, when you wanted and be compensated accordingly? What if you could be vulnerable in your music about love and life without being chastised for it? What if the days of chasing major record labels and artists for placements were over...and everyone was coming to you? What if you could reference the only living God and what he means in your life and be publicly vindicated? What if there were no rules to this musical playground? Well..... (x3) You'd have.....REAL. beautiful. MUSiC VERSE I said no more waiting No more hunting for placement And no more of ya’ll throwin my classics out on the pavement Consider this a press conference Let me make a statement Music’s almost extinct Dead and gone, a bunch of cavemen Was workin’ hard to be the next Tim or Ye I said “I'm bout to be the king of this production game.” No matter who I sent the beats to, man it still wasn’t right I guess them Def Jam sessions shoulda changed my life But nah….slight change a plans Want y'all to understand That I don't need to be put on by no other man Cuz I got everything I need right here in my hands A classic record, loyal fans, phorever packin’ out the stands I’ll start this independent revolution And since I'm leading this, I’m bouta write the constitution Outlaw the slavery and end the prostitution Making sure the corporate pigs get the proper retribution In conclusion, maybe they won’t ever play me on MTV Maybe the industry won't ever co-sign me I'm still guaranteed success Homie you gon’ see Because the fact still remains that my destiny was never a maybe Never a maybe I said my destiny was never a maybe Never a maybe (x2)
I'm Sorry 03:26
VERSE I'm sorry for the way that I dress And I'm sorry for the fact that we met And I'm sorry for the way that I think I'm sorry for the things I believe I'm sorry that I loved you so much And I'm sorry you didn't love me enough I'm sorry you don't see past yourself I'm sorry that ur all by yourself I'm sorry that I wasn't quite cute enough Sorry that my money wasn't long enough It seemed no matter what I couldn't do enough I'm sorry that my lovin’ wasn't good enough I'm sorry you can't handle real love And I'm sorry that your hearts messed up And I'm sorry that your life's been rough I'm sorry that there's no more us HOOK Baby I'm sorry Sorry (x3) VERSE I'm sorry for all the things that I bought And I'm sorry for how much they all cost And I'm sorry that I had to cut you off I'm truly am sorry for your loss I'm sorry that you’re blocked from my phone And I'm sorry had to leave you alone And I'm sorry I ignore your emails (I feel sorry for these childish females) I'm sorry that you get by on your looks And I'm sorry that you faker than you look And I'm sorry you don't want a gentlemen And I'm sorry, tell me why I'm here again? I'm sorry that u get the cold shoulder I'm sorry that we couldn't start over I'm sorry, no you can't come over I'm sorry, this relationship is over HOOK
X 03:27
VERSE Have you ever missed your ex And I hate the fact that you do? Please don't look at me all funny Ya’ll done all been in my shoes I mean lets just face it I just want a replacement For that fine female I used to grab by the waist and I still be lookin’, still be lookin’ at your Instagram Just to see if you done went and found another man I thought this was love’s aftermath but now I understand That it’s just my emotions in full effect and in motion PRE-CHORUS It’s just sometimes I just miss the item And not the individual Saying things that I don’t mean And girl it’s kinda pitiful I don’t really want you, just a relationship ritual Just because you’re beautiful don’t mean that you ain’t typical HOOK You just an ex...X (Why can't I get that through my head) You just an ex...X (Breakin’ up was for the best) Baby girl you just an ex...X (Nothing more and nothing less) You just an ex...X Baby girl you just a... VERSE Extra in my movie But dang, you was a cutie And when I really think about it You ain’t mean much too me And you don't seem too upset I guess it was all mutual And you already with someone else We only broke up two months ago Lesson learned Need to relax like a perm Wait on somethin’ long term Dating like this is absurd Everytime I try to call, I keep on getting transferred Guess its best that these messages stay unheard See girl because… PRE-CHORUS HOOK (x2) BRIDGE Weren't meant to be lets face it Months worth of feelings wasted Shoulda took things slow & waited We ain’t have no patience Now girl everything done faded Then again who knows How far we could have gone? Could have been beautiful Guess that we’ll never know We’ll never know cuz’ girl… HOOK
Patience 04:18
INTRO Can I keep it real? (4x) VERSE Now if you only understood how good she looked And if you was standin’ in my position man, I swear you would Not concerned about the future when this feels so good Now I’m stressin with all the consequences like I knew I would HOOK Jesus please give me some patience Cuz’ I don't wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait No, I don’t wanna wait I'm lackin’ self control and patience Need you to send some my way Before I make more stupid mistakes Tryna find help before it's too late I need some patience Cuz’ I don't wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait No, I don’t wanna wait I'm lackin’ self control and patience Need you to send some my way Before I make more stupid mistakes Tryna find help before it's too late I need some... VERSE I don't smoke I don't drink But it's hard for me to stay out them sheets Strugglin’ please believe Abusing some notoriety Tryna go to bed with every girl that be eyein‘ me I be over there talkin’ bout “Hey girl what’s yo name, tryna get in yo brain” She played a couple songs off my mixtape Then asked if she could hear me sing Then I replied, “I'll sing to you elsewhere” “Plannin’ to sweat out your hair” At the point where honestly I don't care HOOK BRIDGE Lord, please give me some patience As much as I don’t like the waitin’ I don't wanna deal with the drama Of dealin’ with a baby mama I promise when You spoke, I heard ya This lesson You teachin’ I'm learnin I don't wanna go to the doctor And have to find out that I'm burnin’ The pleasures of sin for a season You told me no for a reason Work on becoming a man with a life that is pleasin’ Homie, quit all of yo schemin‘ Appetite is no excuse for that lifestyle That's life low to the pavement Need a little bit more of that self control And a whole lot more of that patience HOOK
VERSE U won't even mention that U taken Baby, U sadly mistaken U be reppin’ for the thirst nation At the function half-naked Highest bidder in the room make an offer (What she gon‘ do?) Please believe she gon’ take it Five minutes ain't went past the clock yet And U already lookin’ for prospects PRE-CHORUS Girl U ain't slick U kno what U doin No U ain't slick Girl who U think U foolin? U ain’t slick Ain't that yo man over there? U need to go worry bout him over there Eyes all wide while U starin’ over here If U ain't happy just leave But don't even think U gon’ run to me HOOK I ain't no side dude, no sidekick No U can't even be my side chick And it's obvious U with another man But swear U on that wifey tip Girl U ain't slick Stop playin games Ain't that yo boyfriend over there callin yo name? VERSE Now this goes out to them other girls That can't be by themselves In the post tryna catch a rebound When your hearts with someone else Homie if U get the opportunity (Let me tell U, what she gon‘ do) Gon waste all yo time She gon’ pull up to the drive-thru And try to order U on the side PRE-CHORUS HOOK BRIDGE Baby girl, I know U fine But U gotta stick to one man at a time Girls like U can turn a prince to a frog Turn good dudes to a dog Tryna front like U helpless When U just bein’ selfish HOOK PRE-CHORUS HOOK (2x)
What Is It? 03:57
PRE-CHORUS Is it an unction? Is it a feelin? Is it the huggin? Or is it the kissin? Is it the late nights? Is it the reason why I wanna talk all night? The reason why I gotta have you in my life? I'm pretty sure that this is what we call love...right? HOOK I just wanna find what real love is And I just wanna know what real love is Can somebody tell me what real love is? Can somebody show me what real love is? VERSE We know love conquers all Its the very thing that took the Savior to the cross Seems like the hardest thing to find on this earth Is true love between him and her Everybody wants some Seems so hard to find it Looking back on my life Wish I could rewind it Let you in my space Cuz you had a pretty face See my self-esteem was low My own self I didn't know After every single kiss Still there's emptiness We don't really like each other much Addicted to the lust Guessin that is why I want you back After we break up Listen, can we both just keep it real? Baby, none of this is real BRIDGE Maybe you didn't have a father in your home And maybe that's why you can't stand to be alone And maybe in your childhood, “I love you” was rarely said Maybe that's why you try to find love in somebody’s bed (I need that real love) Need someone to love me, love me inspite of my faults Love me for who I am and everything I’m not (I need) Someone that is honest That will just tell me the truth Someone that won’t take my heart and discard it as used VERSE I came to terms with truth I won't front I done dealt with lots of women but I ain't been in love See it's a whole lot deeper than a kiss and a touch Deeper than the time spent and the emotional rush See cuz, soulmates they are a gift from above So don't expect to find one by way of stumble or luck Cuz when He sends the right one, won’t be an ounce of a doubt Bumped my head a few times while tryna figure this out PRE-CHORUS HOOK I just wanna find what real love is (Cuz it ain’t a feelin) And I just wanna know what real love is (Cuz it ain’t a feelin) Can somebody tell me what real love is? (It ain’t the reason why I wanna talk all night) Can somebody show me what real love is? (It‘s just the selfless choice to give your heart and life)
Conversation 03:39
VERSE Said Ooo, girl I see you playin’ hard to get But ooo, girl We ain't even got there yet You got me all wrong, girl See I ain't like them other dudes Just need you to relax, girl Can a brotha just converse with you? PRE-CHORUS I just wanna have a conversation Just wanna see where your head is Not where ur bed is Can we have a conversation? Cuz the fornicatin’ only complicates it You know I ain't tryin' to hurt nobody I'm after yo mind girl, not yo body So keep your mind open Don't know if you noticed No ulterior motives I just need a moment (Real quick) HOOK I just wanna talk to you, talk to you Baby, can I talk to you I just wanna talk to you, talk to you Baby, can I talk to you Oh, can I talk to you, talk to you I just wanna talk to you Baby, can I talk to you, talk to you Cuz I just wanna talk to you VERSE I know this ain’t the way that you’re used to Cuz a lot of other men tried to use you And it's unfortunate that that's what you’re used to I can see what you been through Just wanna get to know you better Maybe exchange a few letters Somethin' like Words with Friends And baby understand, not necessarily tryna be your man PRE-CHORUS HOOK (2x)
Last One 03:56
HOOK Baby girl I’ma tell you now That you been on my mind for quite a while The way you carry yourself, I love your style And if you got a little time can I take you out? See girl, you is a bad one Got yourself together Never had one With so much wife potential More than past ones When I said it, girl I meant it Baby, I'm tryna make sure you the last one VERSE Girl I’m so interested and I had to let you know That you’re so beautiful And what you got is so untouchable Yea, Yea I’m catching feelings and I ain’t afraid to let em’ show Loving you is worth the risk, I’m just gon’ let it flow Lets take our time and do it right, give it some time to grow Baby girl, just tell me if you down to roll HOOK VERSE I'm guessin’ you are used to games Overplayed by lames And you probably think I sound cliche And after you endure the pain And your hearts been strained You probably think we all are the same Guess I'm the messenger and I just came to let you know If I'm worth your time then take the risk don't let me go Don't punish someone new because of those you had before I can feel your apprehension more and more Now, I done dealt with them broads And you done dealt with canines Seem like we both fed up So I ain't even gon’ waste your time Ain't gonna ask you to trust me Cuz I know that's gon’ take some time Can't say I won't hurt you Gon’ make mistakes in this life And what's the point of all this All the textin’ all the callin Evading real situations As if true love is the problem I'm lookin’ to finalize like a period, girl no comma Longevity and legitimacy All without the drama HOOK BRIDGE Ok, now fellas put your hands in the air, if you tryna make her your last one Ladies, put your hands in the air, if you lookin’ to be his last one Baby girl, put your hands in the air, if you lookin’ to be my last one Baby girl, put your hands in the air, tryna make you my last one HOOK
VERSE We were always childhood friends Solid homies to the end But this time things are so different I think I’m in love with you You told me that you were, too And this is blowing my mind HOOK All this time I’ve known you Never thought that you would be My baby, my baby And all this time I’ve known you Never thought that you would be My baby, my baby VERSE I’ll never forget that day Wouldn’t have it any other way I told you I had to have you And you became my closest friend Said you’d be there til’ the end And everyday with you gets sweeter HOOK (2x) (RAP) Listen...I be tryna make that timeless music I'm talkin barbecue, reunion, electric slidin' music The kind that make yo granny get up and 2-step Baby girl, get you a plate before there ain't no food left Cuz my cousins be eatin’ And they all dyin’ to meet you One of my aunties can't cook So she just bringin' pizza Other auntie so nosey, all up in my business Tryna figure out who this pretty thang is with me See cuz they can tell I'm really tryna hold on to this one All these family holidays, no we never gon’ miss one Cuz I want you stick around and forever enjoy the sounds of family laughter Together forever, as we turn the page of these chapters History that we built just makes the feeling so natural Future lookin great, if it's anything like our past was Cousins screamin "Keith got a new boo!" And I'm still trippin' that it ended up bein’ you, See Cuz… HOOK
VERSE When I see you I can barely speak And I can't move I'm malfunctioning Girl your love soothes me And with I'm with you it feels like we're in a movie Baby, your love is unconditional And your touch is unforgettable And baby, life is just so beautiful As long as I spend it with you That is why HOOK I can’t Stop the way I feel about you, girl You stay on my mind And I can’t help the way I feel Cuz girl you got me hooked Girl you got me hooked and I can’t Stop the way I feel about you, girl You stay on my mind And I can’t help the way I feel Cuz girl you got me hooked Girl you got me hooked on you VERSE Baby, I'm tryna make a world where it's just Me and you Together building something that's so sweet Something so strong that nothing can take this away from me Baby here's my heart, girl you can have it all Cuz I know this thing ain’t gon’ ever fall And I know that life’s gon’ be so beautiful As long as I spend it you, that is why HOOK BRIDGE See girl, you got me hooked Got me hooked Got me hooked on you, baby Got me hooked (2x) Got me hooked on you, baby See, I don’t want nobody else Want you to myself And the way I feel, girl I just can’t help Such a privilege to have you as my lady Cuz you got me hooked on you baby HOOK
KIYA It seems like I’m here all alone We just sit around the house when you are home And then you goin’ out for long hours Guess I’m second to the homeboys You ridin’ round and you gettin it But can’t bring me no flowers KEITH Baby, you over reacting You should be an actress Stellar performance Sometimes you so annoying Used to love to wear this ring And now I seldom enjoy it And I just really need you to Shutup, when you talkin to me PRE-CHORUS I feel like sometimes, you just don’t care HOOK Although sometimes you make me wanna pull my hair out and go crazy It seems like things are so difficult and been real hectic lately You can forget about me Forget about you But don’t forget about us KIYA Cold, is the shoulder that you will get But after all, we made a promise to never stop, to never quit You say that you love me but you steady pushin’ my buttons Keep up this little attitude, you’ll be knocking on my bedroom door It was open but I’ll close it Past the honeymoon stage yeah, we’re fairly new Don’t think I’m completely tired of you Um...yes, we’ve had our ups and our downs But you still the king of this house Never remove your crown I wish vexatious moments turned to tender kisses The greatest moment in my life is when you made me your misses So please don’t fool around with my heart I’m still the same woman you used to take on walks at the park So hold my hand, take a picture Kiss me on the cheek Show me that you want me Am I still intriguing? You say, you wanna be in this forever Don’t let me down Hold me down Treat me like your treasure Yes sir, I love you but... PRE-CHORUS HOOK (2x) BRIDGE Now, let me ask you if you still remember this real quick I...I take you In sickness and health, just us boo Through the honeymoon stage and the pain too Unbreakable bond, a couple kids too No matter what, you know we always gon’ be together I stick around for the worst while I wait on the better I chose you, see cuz you was a keeper Now, promise me you’ll always keep that ring on your finger? HOOK
HOOK Keep lovin’ Keep lovin’ Just love them if they love or not Just love them if they love or not Cause’ it makes the Father smile VERSE These days we all got reservations Drownin’ in our state self-preservation Won't let nobody in but the sign says, “Vacant” The chance of bein’ hurt again we just can't take it So we use people, friendships we fake em’ Pass on matrimony, still want consummation Or handle it ourselves porn & masturbation Look at how escapism shaping the nation We rather sit far from legitimacy As long as we can dodge the vulnerability seat You see, the hardest thing to do when we bout to eat Is set the best table then offer Judas a seat But if I live this way, won't have to hurt no more Don't have to deal with people bein’ a jerk no more My hearts all cashed out, I'm not the clerk no more And even when you feel like your heart don't work no more You just... HOOK (2x) (VERSE) I used to work with a group of guys Sometimes, I wish we really coulda saw eye to eye Even got the chance to work with one of my heros And had to watch that bridge burn like Rome & Nero Made a lot of beats for people I really believed in Them people only stayed in my life for a season Being loyal to the truth can seem like treason When it looks like it's just personal reasons But I ain't gon act like I wasn't at fault Like I didn't inflict wounds and season em’ with salt That's the price of living life with passion They feel the weight of your decisions, even bad ones And even if y'all trash bag my name like Glad ones Or do an interview and tell em all why you mad, son Ima still forgive you just as it never happened And follow both of Jesus only 2 commandments You know the ones where He be tellin’ us to... HOOK (2x) BRIDGE I shave often now, I'm far from the nappy But I still wanna make You happy Even if that means lovin those with all that malintent I just wanna behold a smile from you that's heaven sent Because it Makes the father smile (8x) HOOK
VERSE I understand that I could be achievin’ Instead of all this schemin’ If I would start believin’ In His redemptive bleedin’ I know that I've been chosen Sometimes, can't seem to focus I just need a few moments Away from my emotions Oh...I'm not supposed to live like this Oh...However did it get like this? Cuz the choices that I'm makin’ Contradict what You created I been strivin’ your greatness Sadly mistaken... Cuz sometimes, I can't see the phorest for the trees, y'all I know I need schedule an appointment with the one who knows and sees all So I can tell Him, “Thank you for Your love” “Thank you for Your grace” I know I should be spending more time seeking Your face Lord, I'm asking You to please put my heart in the right place GODCHILD I ain’t tryna front I’m sick, full of sin Yea, I need a full dose of Jesus medicine Deep down inside, I wanna be a righteous man Without You on the inside, I’m not a righteous man Oh...I make mistakes, fall in these traps So I’m seekin your face cuz I need a map I can’t see through the thickness of the trees I’m asking you to please take the blinders off of me HOOK BRIDGE Your forgiveness, what I need Only thing that helps me see I just need to talk to You Just a closer walk with You See You always been there for me But I haven’t been the greatest friend to You, lately Priorities are wrong, but You keep blessing me Just need you to provide a little clarity HOOK
INTRO Can we stop time at today? Make the clock’s ticks go away And make everything stay the same So that tomorrow’s not a new day VERSE Don't nobody do the things that Granny do And don't nobody make waffles like Nanny do I got the coolest grandad in the world yo The man rock J's while he tweet on his iPhone I got mad love for the cousins Tiffany, Brittany, Ashley, Adrienne, and Kendal Witty I never thought I'd ever move away from the city I'm glad to see the Nap is still rockin’ with me So messed up when I moved away Everything I ever knew was taken away Move to a new city and nothing's the same That's why fly home to cherish the holidays Understand that I love y'all, miss y'all, And I couldn't ever imagine my life being without y'all. No matter how far away Y’all know I'm just flight or a phone call away CHORUS And oh...I’ll miss you When tomorrow comes To take you away And oh...I’ll be here to guide you home To guide you home (No place like home) To guide you home (No place like home) VERSE Lets take em’ back Yea, remember Lafayette Square was the place to be at? Chicken rings at White Castle that was my crack Circle City Classic, don't forget The Expo 3703 that was my house yo Big shout out to my IPS kids, Washington Township & all the Pike kids Mexican, Black folks and all the White kids We all from the Nap, yessir we all is I miss all the people, I be missin’ the snow Miss the simpler lifestyle, thought you should know I still miss New Augusta and O.C.C. ‘preciate all the Hoosiers that's supporting me Man it ain’t no question If the globe had a place called heaven It would be none other than the 3-1-7 Lets go CHORUS (2x) TAG To guide you guide you home (3x)
One Day 03:45
VERSE One day, I‘ma be sittin’ at the table A million or two sold all without a label Honesty, integrity, no under the table And didn't shake hands with the devil, no fable Tryna watch the awards with no cable Can't even tell who’s winnin’, the picture so unstable A baby in the game that hopped out the cradle He want his own crib and be able to feed his face, yo But for now I stay in the back room This game been dead, King Tuts tomb They tried to pause my career, I pressed resume And came back without the industry costume Fresh as a bride groom ‘Til death do us part, boo Looked in the mirror...said, “Music, I love you” It's just this whole industry thing, I can’t do Any way we could kill that and keep you? I gotta be honest, I can’t front man I got a lil bit of cheese and tried to stunt, man And yet, they only hired me to be the stuntman You know, the one that be doin all the work, man No value to the conversation unless it‘s cash and Now I understand stand why they all soundin’ brash See I only made a little, they still tryna tax ‘em Account so dry that the ATM was laughin’ So where the people tryna dream like me? That think like me and see like me That wake up every morning, unaccomplished dreams It seems like everybody else is way ahead of me But everybody sayin‘, “You gon’ make it, dawg” With all these bills due, I gotta find a job See the truth be told, no I don't have a fan mob Got keys to success, somebody stole door knob One day, I‘ma be right in front of the camera And I won't have to ride around in the Camry Make sure I that credit Christ accordingly At the restaurant, my treat Are you ordering? Pass on that fortune and famous Produced by "the greatness", If I gotta stay nameless The Lord gave it to em so the haters can’t phase em’ KEiTH PHELPS is a beast And you never gon’ tame em’ or contain him CHORUS (2x) One day I‘ma be sittin’ at the table Cuz I refuse to be treated like a slave, yo Sittin’ here with your dreams left in back room Where you wait for the industry to feed you TAG I can't wait for this industry to feed me (3x) Especially when I know that this industry, it needs me Yea...this industry, it needs me (4x)
Numb 03:13
We may need mouth to mouth Not sure if we're alive We usually fake a heart beat For the sake of vital signs Extended loving arms From which we typically will run Don't try to show us love We won’t see it ‘cause we numb Don't try to show us love We won’t see it ‘cause we numb Don't try to give us love We won't feel it ‘cause we numb Don't try and change a thing Because what’s done is really done We searchin’ for our souls Because our heart’s so cold and numb We start out going hard Believing in our hearts That passion and some talent's what we needed from the start Then come bad broad distractions Sexual transactions And sleep deprivation due to moral cancellation We never been the one to hit the drugs or the bottle But since the pressure’s on we hit em both full throttle A lot in the morning A little more in the day And plenty more at night to try and wash the pain away And then we go to church ‘Cause healing’s what we’re seekin’ But everything we're dealing with, Is far from what they're preachin’ They said, “God is good,” Jumped around and then they sang And yet, we left in same position that we came We wear the latest fashion With an undyin’ passion Wantin’ to be normal When that’s never gonna happen We never say a word and yet, we know we need help In a room full of people and yet, we're all by ourselves Seems like the deeper that I get, nobody truly seems to care And for a every real person, fifty fake ones are there They know how long how long you've wanted this They see it in your eyes Your whole career in front of you And the price is compromise I called up my mom, I wasn't sure if this was worth it She told me not to quit and that I still had a purpose And in the midst of all the disappointment and the hurtin’ That the good Lord was still behind the scenes steady workin’ See the entertainment industry is full of broken people Abandoning their morals ‘cause their self esteem is feeble Money super long Buying up the bar Exclusive clothes and cars Just to be worshipped like a god But this will never ever be the healing to the wounds Of a rejected soul that used to cry in their room That wasn't ever smart enough That wasn't ever good enough That didn't have a dad to ever tell them they were man enough I gotta thank God because He opened up my eyes Perceived setbacks were just a blessing in disguise Showed me that this industry is just a hell hole And that the only way I'd make it out Is if he made me whole Now I'm no longer cold I can feel my heart again And now I've been reminded why I'm doin this again To keep my same morals Despite the level of fame I'm hear to win souls I'm hear to change the game My hearts no longer numb So I can't keep this to myself See I've been given life so I can help somebody else To free the people from this life of superficial vanity And spread the truth that Christ is the only means of sanity I don't need mouth to mouth I know that I'm alive Don't have to fake a heart beat For the sake of vital signs See my soul has been restored Yea the misery is done I’m no longer like this industry My hearts no longer numb
VERSE I get it I get it now Why it took so long to get here And why I had to wait behind the scenes for all of these years Opinionated outspoken Run my mouth with no fear And even though I keep it real I wanna make this clear I never wanna be on MTV Talkin bout the president don’t like ethnicity And I don't ever wanna step on another mans dreams Just because the both of us got conflicting beliefs I guess because I love The Lord That means I gotta sing gospel And if I write anything else The saints will treat me so awful Really wanna trust people Wanna be more thoughtful Instead of bein’ defensive And verbally hostile Now, is that possible When everybody is so volatile Tryna return and get right like a son thats prodigal I guess I got a different set of dues to pay And thats the very thing that made me who I am today HOOK Said its been a long time comin yall (2x) And I got so much more to go Much more to go (2x) VERSE Went from playin the kit to the keys Keys to the beats And now, I lace bars on beats from E. Seats Yea, people still sweatin’ from all my old heat And yea haters on Sofas & Couches still sleep Hold on Make sure that this music is not a competition Remember, there's a purpose and you on a mission Vote these clowns out of the game Sign my petition While I cook in the kitchen Understand that everything we doin here is limitless And when The Almighty is your supply, it's always infinite I gargled up Listerine rhymes And now I'm I'm spittin‘ it My calling was a little big at first but now I fit in it The indie artists thing's a bullseye and homie I been hittin’ it Life is a but a dream and homie I been livin‘ it And this is the beginning of history makin’ incidents And everybody listenin’ they get a chance to witness it HOOK (2x)


Debut album from independent artist KEiTH PHELPS


released February 13, 2015






I want to thank Jesus for choosing me for such serious subject matters to deliver to people. I dedicate this project to you. It has been an absolute growth process from the mixtape to this album. Without you I am nothing but wasted human effort.

Mom: Thanks you for always challenging me to do and be better.

Dad: Thanks for giving me something that I can now give the world to enjoy.

Dave: Thanks for being the older brother that I never had and sticking with me through my maturation stages. I know the ride has been everything but smooth. I’m more than glad to call you friend and manager.

Veronica: I don’t know what I would do without your friendship. Your involvement in my career and life has been an absolute God-sent blessing. Love u “Auntie Shug”

Jamal: I want to thank you for being my friend and respecting me when it wasn’t easy for you at all. Says alot about you as a young man. As always, I appreciate your creativity and your contributions to my projects. You’re simply greatness in the making

Ellis: You surprise me with the slappin’ beats you send and always end up contributing to some of my most meaningful songs. Thanks for your lighthearted nature and willingness to help me along my journey.

Shavonn: Thank you for taking this project and making it your own. You’re creative insight is insanely inspiring and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with someone such as yourself.

Gary, Dre, JJ, LJ, JD, & G.M.: The Polk is strong on this one! Appreciate all of yall helping me as an artist & lending your abilities towards my calling. #863

Kiya: I still trip listening to “Us” think that you wrote and sang that at 17. You have a whole life of greatness awaiting you. Keep up the good work

Ryan: Recording your record was probably one of the fondest memories of GRAMMY Camp. Thanks for letting me flip that foreal...thats probably one of my favorite samples. You were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Seats: I can’t thank you enough for the countless industry talks and overall inspiration. Your involvement in my life and career has been a recurring source of motivation. So glad to see you in the credits on this project.

Dana: Thanks for just being there. You are one of the few that I can legitimately call a friend.

Antonio: Thanks for picking up the phone. Its always a good feeling to know that your best friend from elementary still your best friend.

Hamilton: So, you had to go and write one of the most epic songs of all time….so epic that I couldn’t leave it alone. Dude you inspire me year after year to be a better Christian and to dig deeper as a musician. Such a blessing to share one more record with you.

Ben: All your random phone calls from overseas are greatly appreciated. All your words stick with me more than you’ll ever understand. You’ll always be my brother. Stay safe and I’ll see you when you come home!

Tony: Thanks for your honesty & support man...It has truly helped me to see life in a very different light.

Pat: Thanks for everything man. From letting me crash at your place to good conversation and turn-ups in Vegas. Couldn't have done a lot of this without your help. Congrats on the new wife and baby and I wish you nothing but continued success. "You better believe it!"

The GRAMMY Foundation: Kristen, David, & Joe...5 years later and you all are still contributing to my career. I appreciate your willingness to help and you all considering my work a priority.



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Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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