PHiNDiNG Myself

by Keith Phelps

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The Opener 02:39
Phelps back in the buildin Put yo hands in the air if you feel me x4 Whew lawd have mercy It's been too long Since y'all done had y'all done had them smartphones filled w Keith Phelps songs Took a Brief commercial break and now we back runnin strong I promise I won't make y'all wait this long At first ya all was like "How long must we wait? "Finish yo mixtape" "Did the next one come out son?" "Finish yo album" I dropped "PHiNDiNG Myself" in the middle like Malcolm Then sprinkled it in the palms of yo hands like talcom Arenas like Chris reverb Carnegie hall And I'm comin to wake the game up Courtesy call Collegiate level without the university dawg I mean it really end up workin out so perfectly y'all When you reject a champion he always come back fightin They rejected all my beats, I had to come back writin Now his voice super loud even if they don't mic em And they still bumpin my records actin like they don't like em I just thought u should know Even tho I ain't went platinum & gold Please let the truth be told This is the audible chicken and noodle soup for the soul That we done cooked on the stove Replacing yo radio Aye, just incase u ain't know Allow me to introduce you to the team The game shut down when we came through the scene Beat so foul that it seem obscene This is RGC w/ a Midwest lean The game is a disease we the new vaccine Tryna lead u to living water for yo canteen Showin people there's hope regardless of what it seems Teachin em to believe and always pursue their dreams Oh lawd, look what they started See cuz Phelps is somethin else now that he is an artist Revolution never televised, turn off that TV And yall just keep this classic EP from KP on repeat
Tru Sound: Back at it, reverse Repeat this work Rehearse this magic And this music, yea We back at it The top spot We bout to grab it And success, we gotta have it We takin changes with what happens Life is a beach and I'm chillin in the sand Buildin my castle Pocket full of rhymes got me movin fast yo I got a handful I'm tryna keep my focus on this little talent Responsibilities got me at a standstill Haters puttin me down I run in all they dreams I Malcom X em out Winnin by any means I'm on top of these mountain peaks thinkin bout Dr. King all up in my spirit, never quit Hook: Fresh outa bed, wake up, good mornin Feelin like everyday is a performance And this aint life this is more like a tour And we had a few struggles but we still overcomin Took a break but now we Back at it x6 We took a break Back at it say what KEiTH PHELPS: Went and did my own thing was tired of waitin Producin that heat, still can't get a placement Now im givin em to Tru Sound, he never waste em Aint a Neptunes' beat homie, KEiTH PHELPS made it The whole game is tryna keep me down Tryna make sure that I never come around Forever tryna mute me and silence my sound I'm like the black fam reunion extra loud My people extra proud, somethin like Kyla Pratt My team is extra wild, we never fallin back Had to come off a while, twitter can kinda get wack Make sure I keep my coo,l cuz I was about to snap Aye, and I appreciate all the homies That made a point to hit up Dave and check up on me I'm fine, I'm cool, yessir been great And yall aint ready for this Phelps Phriday Mixtape Hook x2
Phlakes 04:00
Verse: Dear Tony the Tiger Please don't send me no mo No more Phrosted Phlakes please I got enough in this bowl U see cuz all the empty promises is takin a toll And dealing with these Hollywood types is gettin real old Ain't no love in this game We just out in the wild Walkin round LA at night, just like a motherless child They steal yo rights & yo gig then look at u and smile Then we all together takin Grammy pictures like pals Don't want no parts of it I put my heart in this I shook hands, I kissed babies that smelled like phart & piss News phlash new dudes U don't have to go through this Bending over just to pay your bills & feed your kids You know they say it ain't rape, if u agree to the terms And now im feelin like Féla, "Burn Hollywood Burn" And ima take my own chances I ain't waitin my turn Cuz KEiTH PHELPS is here to stay And homie bump what u heard Hook: Ayo I'm tired of the phlakes The phlakes x6 And yo I'm tired of the phlakes and the phakes That'll smile in my face, turn around and try to stab me with a shank And I don't have time to waste messin round with these phlakes I don't have time to waste messin round with these phlakes Yea these phlakes and these phakes That'll smile in my face, turn around and try to stab me with a shank Verse: Ayo I just wrapped up 2 projects, on to the next one Might even hit the gym so a brotha can flex one Pass up wack opportunities, while I make the best ones Let The Lord be my agent so I'll get all the blessed ones Cuz the way y'all handle business is disgusting to me Guess I should be disappointed But it's funny to me See cuz that placement wasn't nothin but some money to me I got the mic now I'm way bigger than just makin beats I used to want somebody's cosign to change my life If I could just get them to see em every thing would be right And now the only cosign I want is one from Christ Cuz everybody else cosign come with a price I been kinda goin in on the regular, daily Bowin out this industry because it's so freakin shady I even left the Twitter cuz it was makin me lazy And this the kinda junk that make a brotha go "Crazy" Hook 2x
2phourteen 04:50
Pre Chorus: Welcome to Valentines Day In a solitary way I'm not really in my feelings Just feelin some type of way Ain't really tryna conversate cuz I ain't got that much to say Just writin to this beat that Féla put in my Dropbox today Hook: On February 14th I'm chillin To tell the truth see my heart still needs a little healin And I done been thru so much it's hard to catch feelins And even though the wounds heal, it feels like I'm still bleedin (On 2hpourteen) And all my cousins and friends is all boo'd up Couples with the fresh fits hair all do'd up Man my perception of women is all screwed up Man I'm so jaded w the love game too much Love be tryna knock u down Ain't tryna catch that fade I swear the ones that fall the hardest be the ones gettin played I'm so worn out like sweaters mispronounced like "pleyd" Sometimes when I be feelin lonely wish that you woulda stayed Before I made them dumb decisions wish that I woulda prayed Wish I hadnt bought u all that with the bread I was paid Havin memories of kissin you But I aint really missin you February 14th, let this chorus reminisce with you Pre Chorus: Hook: Vamp: On 2phourteen x8 I need some healin (On 2phourteen) Hate the way that I'm feelin (On 2phourteen) Jesus (On 2phourteen) Pre Chorus: Hook 2x: Bridge: And after everything is said and done Remember joy comes with the rising of the morning sun I know it seems as if you always are the mourning one, That struggles just a find a love to hold u down, not throw u up All peculiar people Need peculiar people Need a Love that always is so honest Never is deceitful Patience is a virtue Listen to me please don't ever settle Regardless of the pain of solitude it will get better It's not always gonna be this way You won't always feel the tears streaming down your face Regardless of your strength you don't have to carry that weight, Rehearse that pain or remain in that state We were created with a heart full of passion Patterned after the master Never meant for disaster He's the only that's qualified to stop a heart bleed So why don't u let him mend ur broken heart (On 2phourteen) Vamp:
Hook: I gotta be honest I know you ain't in the mood for talkin You probably wonder why am I callin And no, I usually dont do this often But I miss you for all the wrong reasons I want you for all the wrong reasons I want you for all the wrong Verse: It's not because u said u was in love with me Or all the other things you used say to me It's prolly just the way that you was touching me Always staring at me so seductively I'm struggling to keep my hands to myself And yea it bothers me that you talkin to someone else I guess that's why I'm goin thru these Instagram pictures And wishin I could photoshop myself with you Put on a suit today Wore it with a soul tie And we been broken up for a little while now And u been runnin in my mind for bout mile now I never did delete ur number from my speed dial Why is it that my mind often understands the truth That it isn't beneficial that I be with you And at the same time my body wants to lie with you Can keep it real, no reason lie to u Hook Verse: Heart's kinda messed up like Brandy & Wanya So I wear the over confidence like Kanye Remember back when things started to get physical About the same time things got real difficult Once upon a time I was concerned with your feelings And now I'm only interested if u make me feel good And now I'm lookin at u like" You know that really should" And then she lookin at me like "I wish that this n***a would" And now that you've completely given up yourself It's hard for me to see that your good for anything else And now my views of you would classify me as a dog What u expect when you was so quick to give up the drawls? Understand its not supposed to be this way, And it's prolly why we had to go our separate ways Im asking you to please accept my apology For the heart break and brutal honesty Hook x2
Curved (free) 03:21
Yea 3x Baby girl lookin' so good And I be all on her pages She be likin' all my posts I be like, "Oh snap shawty ain't playin" The way she be sendin' them tweets Baby girl borderline cakin' Girl double tap so much I swear her thumb gon start breakin' I'm finna slide in that inbox Them DMs, I know u see em We both know you got an iPhone so don't like don't read em No matter how nice I word it You still gon swear that I'm thirsty and lurkin' Man this girl got a lot of nerve Basically shawty said swerve Yea a brotha just got curved Hook: Curved 3x Yea a brotha just got Curved 3x Now lemme hear you say "Ohhh" Sound somethin' like "Noooo" Yea a brotha just got curved Let me flip the script (Flip it) Shawty seen Keith Phelps workin' First she wanna act brand new, different story when we in person Now she all in my face Starin at me while I'm on stage man Gotta dose of her own medicine But she don't like how it's tastin' You thought that I was a nobody cuz I came at you humble And I see you with yo friends all talkin bout me in the huddle Pretendin' you ain't that salty Yo face is showin' the struggle, disgruntle Girl you shouldn't have got on my nerves This is me tellin' you to swerve Now tell this girl she done got curved Hook Bridge: I shouldn't have to run off my résumé To qualify me to take you on a date You seemed so down to earth, guess that was my mistake Cuz at the end of the day Baby girl, we both got curved Hook 2x
Verse: Lemme take em back to middle school Way back I was just a little bitty dude Frequently you saw me visiting the principal Struggling to see my intellect within the institute Walkin round so confused Used to a ashamed of everything I was raised on Lookin for the straight path, but gettin my maze on Couldnt see the fact that I was truly "amazon" Destined to shock the world like I was gettin my taze on Just wanted to fit in Seeking for some attention Residential suspension Tryna avoid retention In another dimension Oh did I forget to mention? I tried to silence the gifts I was given without repentance Man I made my momma cry many a tears Struggled with bein different for so many a years Couldn't see my reflection when I looked in the mirror And now that I'm looking back I can see it so clear, was just Hook: Phinding myself Phinding myself Identity Serenity Creativity On this journey Phinding myself Phinding myself Phind what my calling is What my purpose is Pursue when revealed Until it's fulfilled Verse: I swear people ignore that I'm human They just look at what I got and then try to abuse it And then they get upset because I avoid opportunists And hate the fact that I decided to do my own music Sometimes you feel like nobody likes you Unless you play piano, entertaining old white dudes Feeling like the help while they eating their nice food Yea Ima keep it real, excuse me if I come off rude And I ain't workin with nobody else that sunnin me And I refuse to pacify ur lack of security Or the fact u mad I got voice and they hearin me And the fact that real folks with souls is steady cheering me on To stay here in my zone And keep writin these songs That resonate with ya bones Realizing everything I write is always for somebody else I guess it helps while I'm living here, lookin here on a journey Hook Verse: I done traveled the farthest From childhood to artist From not liking myself and tryna be someone else To thanking God for the people he finally sent to to help Now Im lookin all in the mirror I'm starting see myself As the person that he sees Thankin him on my knees And enjoying the simple things like the wind that blows thru the trees And the presence of real friends, love ones and family Please don't ever be ashamed of the fact that u different Regardless of ur weight, hair, mindset, or pigment Understand it's the fact that u different That enables and empowers u to make a difference So I'm askin God please send some assistance To all the people running far from their inner brilliance To everyone thats hears me speak at this very instance To all the ones that lookin for they self, God, please shorten the distance Hook


Do You Know Jesus?

Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior by praying this simple prayer:

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. But I believe that you died upon
the cross for me. That you shed your precious blood for the
forgiveness of my sin. And I believe that on the third day, you
rose from the dead, and went to Heaven to prepare a place
for me. I accept you now as my Savior, my Lord, my God,
my friend. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and set me free
from my sin. And, because you are my Savior, Jesus,
"I shall not die, but have everlasting life".
Thank you Jesus!





MANAGEMENT: Don’t Mind mE Entertainment





released June 6, 2014


all rights reserved



Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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