Phelps Phriday Mixtape

by Keith Phelps

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Happy 03:09
Intro: I'm well aware that this somethin I'm supposed to do And I was feelin' good about it just to tell you the truth I really need to be sure that I'm doin' this right Hundred percent of the time Show me a sign Hook: Cuz I just wanna make you happy Wanna make You happy Wanna make You happy Wanna make You happy I just wanna make You happy Cuz I could never take You bein mad at me Approval's what I need I'll take it gladly Cuz this is such a big responsibility I really hope You hearin' me Verse: This last month been real tough On them couches and them sofas This money thing got me stressed Cuz I spent all that I had left And I filed my tax refund And guess what? I ain't gettin' back none And I still got pay these bills and this album budget can I keep it real? See I gave up my old ways and I focused on this record Tryna live a life that's pleasin' Cuz I'm really tryna do better And I really felt like this time that I truly found my purpose But now I'm over here wondering if this strugglin' was worth it I wrote these songs from my heart so I wouldn't be fake Cuz I'm human just like them...I want them to relate I wrote about my exes and the industry terror And I just need know if this whole project was an error She said, "Don't sing this" And he said, "Go sing that" She said, "It'll be tragic" Then he said, "It was classic" And these fans so patient Cuz I been keepin' them waitin' Yea this record is a rarity But I just need some clarity Cuz at the end of the day It's all about You And so I'm standing here asking You what I should do I'm stressed ain't shaved in a week and yea my hair is nappy Cuz i just wanna make You happy Hook (2x)
Hook: I got dream on my mind A pocket full of rhymes A watch full of time A team by my side And we rollin The doors are open So the chances are golden But it's up to us to make it shine And you know it Tell em cut the lights out My Shine is potent Speaking for the souls thats been forgotten and broken Let it manifest, yes let it be spoken You got that power but you gotta keep focus Verse: (Tru Sound) Rise and shine to the light of an experiment gone wrong A dreamer with a vision too realistic for iPods Threw my goals in the gutter High school I wanted to fit in with other children I dumbed it down to do the thigs that they did like Skip class constantly, copy from straight-A kids Sleeping when I did go ignored what teachers were sayin The only words I wrote were the poems and rhymin phrases Beats kept me up so I never woke up to smell the fragrances Days I spent, in my room choppin up the Samps Dad said, "Take out the trash" Momma said " Work on your math" So I thought to myself "How can I do just that?" I subtracted all the trap, added a soul...As a matter of fact Added a kick, added a clap Added some highs, added some hats Added some lows, just about 8 I wanted to blow, but something said, "Wait" Something said, "Wait!!", (hold up) So i followed my instinct And promised myself I do some grade A things Cuz I got this dream Hook Verse: (KEiTH PHELPS) Yea yall remember me? 18, arrogant, and feelin me Convinced that no one else on the planet was ever seein me Beats was too dope for me to ever study Yea my GPA trash but them rappers love me Expecting the industry with open arms to come and hug me No one ever told me that this industry could get so ugly And everybody I know bouta start they freshman semester Said my grades was too low but I ain't goin to Everest Whether we like it or not, see we all goin to school Some students goin to Harvard others enroll in the hard knocks I had to find out the hard way Stayin home at my moms place I was makin that minimum wage before ever taking the stage Now I educate the youth I'm building a squad Everytime we in the booth The goal is to change & inspire Kiya from Nashville PJ from Crenshaw Deno, Fela, from SD Carnegie, Ellis & Jamal See we unstoppable The leaders of the new school In our own lanes and Creativity's the only rule Dreams no longer dreams now we livin em This global initiative Real Music Affiliates You feelin' it?
Verse: Gotta be more to life Then working this 9 to 5 Seem like no matter how much I do Boss still wanna act a fool The weekend's just hours away And you know Im gettin payed today Life is just so beautiful Outside of this cubicle Pre-Chorus: Friday is that day where we can take off the Clark Kent and be the super hero we were meant to be Cuz life is much more than paycheck What's the point of chasing money, If u never get the chance to live your dreams? Chorus I'm done with customer service Done waiting tables & servin I'm done with all of the stressin The weekend's here such a blessing T.G.I.P. (4x) Verse I know what u thinkin It's just the weekend Just a few days off To catch up on sleep and Run a few errands Maybe do some house keepin "I mean a couple days off really don't mean thing, man" It's not too late for u to ever start dreamin Start to work towards the things u really believe in Friday, Saturday, Sunday, can I get an extension? When u living ur dreams, see every day is a weekend Pre-Chorus Chorus (2x) Mike Miller: My momma think I'm losing it, Daddy think I'm doing it, Ex-girl hit me up, said we need to talk a bit, Land Lord slipped a note, said I need to pay the rent, The bank called trying to tell me that I over spent, Without a cent, I'm trudging through it all right, In my defense, I did whatever seemed right, And I repent, for every past sin in life, I hope I get back double cause I done paid the price, And I done lived it, fully raw and explicit, Done been through some things that I don't care to revisit On a plane now, going places you isn't, Cause I took all the risk to live the life I envisioned, Do it to the fullest, till they take my plug and pull it, On the billboard man, I'm number with a bullet, I bet Sinatra would've did it my way, TGIP, Thank God its Phriday. Chorus
Verse: A couple times I wasn't sure about where I was gonna stay Too many times I wasn't sure about how bills was gone get payed And no I ain't a starving artist But this life in LA is hard and See I just totaled this car and Man wish I just could restart this Now I really feel the weight of this And I really feel the pressure I could really use a solution And I could really use an answer Then Your love and Your grace always come to save the day And I don't know why I was surprised in the first place 'Cause I know that Hook: You always took care of me (2x) You always been there for me (2x) And You always carry me on the days that I get weak You always show up whenever I'm in need And I'm sorry that I doubted You like we don't have a history No matter what the situation You always took care of me Godchild: Complicated my life by going my own way Could have avoided this misery and some of this pain All I had to do was listen But I had my own vision Don't no why I aborted Your mission 'Cause Your grace was sufficient You were right there for me to relieve all the pressure You're the only solution now I know You're the answer Yes Your love and Your grace always come to save the day And I don't know why I was surprised in the first place Jesus Hook (2x)
Real 05:02
Hook: (Why won't you be real) Be real with me (2x) And don't lie to me Just need you to keep it real with me (Need you to be real) Be real with me (5x) Verse: Why u lie about them numbers, yea them numbers on my check? Why u lie about them jewels in that chain around yo neck? Why u lie about them fake Js, yea them fake Js that u got on? Why u lie about that tour, u know the one u said that u was on? Mechanic under my hood Messin round w/ my wheels, Creatin way more problems Then gon say he givin me a deal And the doctor don't make no bread Unless his patients stay ill So instead of curing yo sickness He gon just give u this pill Man college tuition Is way too expensive Why I gotta be in debt Just to validate my intelligence? And writers all in my face man Talkin bout "Lets get placements!" Sittin on my beats like a couch In they momma's basement And management look at me like I'm crazy When I asked them for an application Ain't nothin but white folks workin here But naw, that don't make u a racist I can't take it All the fakeness See cuz honestly, I just need a break from this I'm say just how I feel man So why won't u just be real man? Hook Verse: Yea big shouts out to Joe Langford Cuz I really appreciate yo efforts When everybody else tried to shut my mouth U gave a brotha a chance to speak out Never forget wat Seats told me I aint never gon let none of these _____ own me No I don't want yo help cuz u phoney Why integrity seem so dang lonely? And now what's that I smell? Brand nu females? Where was ya all at when I was workin retail? A _____ look good since he been on TV Got all the women sayin TGIP Got all the homies tryna link up with me Cuz the mixtape is BLAZIN all these streets Man...notoriety's senseless Don't really mean a thing Trust me I'm a witness Peep this Don't believe the hype, it aint worth it Cuz with fame there aint much u can purchase Yea the tabloids aware of your whereabouts But u still sharing a room at yo mommas house, Or ur managers house, Or ur agents house Can't even afford to purchase that blouse Can't afford a burger at In & Out Don't act like y'all don't kno what I'm talkin bout And now that my eyes is open Aint got no choice but to be outspoken I see that this game is just one big joke man Ain't nobody breathing just a bunch of chokin And no, I don't want no deal man My team got plenty of skill man Let me make this oh so clear man We gon always keep it real man Hook (2x)
The Chase 04:13
Verse: Now, is it just me or did I catch u giving me the eye? Cuz I done seen u look over here bout 6,7,8 times Sometimes I wish I wasn't so attracted to these types It's understood u fine but I been over that hype And then you wanna call text and message me all night Girl get yo mind right Hook: Tell me what's the point of you just leading me on When neither one of us got time for games cuz we're grown I'm tired of the same ole' I chase, u run I kno u think that you the baddest thing under the sun But this silly childish chase is so done Verse: See I just left the studio w/ Tru sound & Young Fé Took the rest of the night off hangin w/ Patrick, Airris & Dave Then I see the baddest female come strolling along Staring and smiling at a brotha , they said "Go get her dawg!" So I went in with the quickness She ain't waste no time givin them digits But see since I ain't one to worship her she stop showin interest But if I'm payin she goin and if I offer she eatin Ignoring my calls & textin me sayin, "Boy, I was sleepin" No I ain't gon chase u Scroll thru my contacts erase u See cuz most of the time I'm a nice dude But I don't really wanna see yo face boo Ooo, its on to the future doll Take a deep breath albuteral She tried to eat a brotha up like a lunchable And now I'm chuckin up dueces, Kevin McCall Act like a varisty cheerleader back in high school Girl Ima grown man a boss ain't got no time for u Congratulations u fine And the earth revolves around yo mind I'd like to thank you oh so much For wasting all of my time Bridge: See I'm way too intellectual to put u on a pedestal And I keep things respectable As opposed to gettin sexual But girl u always playin to till the point where i cant mess w/ u Fellas ya'll can't let these silly women get the best of u Hook Outro: And I don't even mess wit Chase Bank Ima be frank The money just come I don't chase bank I travel America Golden Girls, yall so terrible Jasmine, Susie, & Erica Security, please take of her, her, and her Before I have to turn up Cuz I'm a little fed up Before I have to turn up Cuz I'm a little fed up Who let ya'll in anyway? (this VIP boo) Who let ya'll in anyway? (this VIP boo)
Pre-Chorus: I ain't really good when it comes to phone calls I might not send no text back I prolly won't take you out tonight And no I won't give you none of my paycheck And I'm sorry if I come off selfish Babygirl I just can't help it See I'm doin me so fluently And regardless of what u you see in me Hook: I'd be worst boyfriend in the world (2x) Just doin me ain't got time for golden girls I'd be the worst... I'd be the worst boyfriend in the world Tru Sound: Cause I can't really go out every night with you My Saturdays full of this poetry And my nights got me booked for the studio And you ain't the type of girl that I would take with me But don't get me wrong, cause the feelings right I promise that I care, just ain't got the time So you yellin' out (gimme my money) As the clock keeps tickin' And you mad cause I'm missin our date night girl Félå: $: What's ya style baby you like lobster & shrimp $: Your ex man was a simp heard its ill music I did $: I'm the future kid roll through & I'm crisp $: Work overtime n**** don't trip its good game I spit $: Holly girls always wanna be in the mix just want what's hot $:Golden girls on my jock she said Fé you gon' hit it to the top $:Just gimmie my money and I'm creez $:Never tell I love her I married the dream Tru Sound: It ain't really smart to perceive Just cause I rap I'm the man of your fantasy You ain't bout to get none of my royalties These royal fees are just to support yo king Cause it really ain't even the right time for me To do this for a life time so when you ring I'm let you finish right after after the (beep) Pre-Chorus Hook Féla: $: I'm no good for you truthfully I see you tryna look all cute for me its flattering $: You put it on everything silly rabbit you can't hang with a G $: Fine girls with no passion girl ya mind is so average $: Need a real wife boss chick that's counting cabbage yeah she about that action Tru Sound: She about that action Hit me up when I'm in the city I don't need another shady chick with me I just need a check, and shades on my eyes Golden girls manipulate with they shine But ima make sure she don't kill my vibe I vibe from my mind my rhymes of my life You wanta vibe with I? It ain't a smooth ride So just ride, just ride... KEiTH PHELPS: It's so much more than the shoppin sprees and trips overseas Award shows and designer dresses As on seen on TV It's more than sharin a bed, in-laws, and bank accounts With a fairly large amount Yea you know wat I'm talkin bout Need a girl with a purpose None of these ratchets thats twerkin I need a partner & commitment Not just another dependent Yea my behavior's evasive And girl I know that you hate it I wrote this chorus just for u Allow me to reiterate it Pre-Chorus Hook (2x)
Verse: No my slate ain't the cleanest To be honest really don't need this And U talkin bout yo feelings While the game is on and I'm chillin I mighta picked up some bad habits From a few of these bad rabbits And I'm ignorin all of yo phone calls While I'm tryna make these classics Cuz we fighting and we fussin We arguin and we screamin Seem like everytime everytime that im with u It's like an episode of Jerry Springer I'm like why we lettin this linger You like, "Why am I datin a singer?" And I'm slammin doors and im screamin And you yelled at me said, "I'm leavin..." And then u breakdown on this breakdown And them tears fall from yo face now And said u need yo space now With my hands around yo waist now And I cant move cuz my hearts stuck And yea right now I know I suck And it's about time for me to fess up Girl I'm well aware that I messed up Hook: Oh baby Please don't give up on me, girl I'm begging I know that I been actin kinda crazy And I kno that I'm the one to blame And yea it really is a shame But please don't give up on me Give up on me Babe, babe, babe, Please don't give up on me Babe, babe, babe, Please don't give up on me, baby Babe, you can't give up on me No, don't give up on me Please don't give up one me, babe Tru Sound: Well She told me I'm special And how much she love me, adore me And she won't put no one above me It's funny cuz now she sees me and ignores me Then blow up my phone but these convos is boring All at her crib on the couch got me dozing With dozens of females talkin bout they want me like, "Tru what it do? Tell me when you performing. Just promise, remember me when u go touring!" Now you all up in my ear talking bout "This a disaster" And how you jealous cuz of all these little fan girls Well, baby why'd you even want to date a rapper? What, you thought that I was finna give you all this cash? Psh STOP IT You always starting arguments And when you wrong, drop it But me I'm tryna work it out Cuz you the one I'm wantin And I keep cool I don't want problems I validate your wrongs with the body that you flaunt Look I know I got bad ways From my past days With my past babes And whew girl, don't you tolerate So im tryna stay But the things you say begin to push away And how I respond girl, I truly hate But honestly I'm too old for games And if the way you feel is really the same Then I really think you gotta few words to say Hook Bridge: Yea I'm guilty of textin with more than one of my exes And I do things for attention just like ur Instagram flexin U be like, "Keith, do u love me? Cuz I can take all this stressin" I'm just a novice at this love thing, Girl still taking lessons Not good with commitment concerning these women Cuz nobody taught me to love unconditional I know u dating me based on potential Cuz I don't have all the required credentials I'm glad u believe in me Cuz I don't wanna see u leaving me Just one more chance, one more day Please....please (Don't give up on me) Babe Hook
Denovious: It's on tonight Lets get po'ed up Fill the whole cup Glad to see that you showed up Now let's get so drunk Till they call the police on us Or we throw up I only act this way cuz I'm to' up But nigga so what Cuz I'm only here for the party Only here for the party I am way to drunk to be rollin But Y.O.L.O. so just get my car keys Life is just a game I'll risk it all in my Ferrari I live like I don't care I'll blow em off like I'm not sorry So it done This is what it's come to When the heartache come Then wish that you could undo All yo money's gone Lil homie what you gone do? Temple to the gun That's what living on the run do Tryin to escape So you didn't have to be alone Got issues in your life But you don't even wanna see what's wrong Tryin to escape Make the next round a little stronger I can't handle too much truth any longer Cuz.. Hook: I need an escape from escapism I can't run away from it Scared to handle problems myself And can't put the drink or the weed down Addicted to these females I could really use Your help I need You to lead me Need You to guide me Change my way of thinking Take me out of hiding Teach me how to see me The way that You see me Look into my eyes Bring out what's really inside See cuz I need an escape Denovious: This life has got me stumbling Cuz it get so deep Got this cigarette and this 40 Of this O E And I'm posted up wit tha homies Like a OG Some body say that they got the fruits Now you wanna blows trees Cuz I'm only here for the party Only here for the party But you homies ain't yo homies And them hoes is plastic Like Barbies Everybody's down for the barbecue But ain't got a buck when you starving While your issues all get covered up But you lift em up like Bob Marley So we done This is what it's come to Wanted to have fun But now I'm just drunk dude Nobody got no love And this world it don't want you Time to say a prayer Now I know who I should run to Tryin to escape Messin with liquor and the weed And the money and the greed Had my soul on empty Tryin to escape No wonder why I'm always chasin dreams While The Savior says the best gift is free Hook I
Verse: My momma said I needed a check up And after I done toured quite a bit I said, "Fair enough" Cuz lately the way that my health is slippin is scarin her She lookin at the stress in my eyes as I stare at her And I don't know how to really explain how disappointed I am How I'm not always proud of the man I currently am And how it seems like the best decision is artists that's independent I can't even get folks attention I'm tryna make a difference 2 man team on both sides of the coasts Seem like we never do enough Altho we doin the most And the way of the industry got me feelin so pessimistic Killing all the dreams due to lack of money and politicking Quality of life mostly determined by the heart Mine skipped a couple beats Now I'm on the way to the ER Doctor said, "I need you to cooperate" Now let me explain some things Doc, before you opportunity Hook: No it's no broken No it's not frozen No I'm not hopeless It's just my heart don't work the same anymore Just cuz I guard it Don't mean I'm heartless It's just my heart don't work the same anymore Ayo, they always say there's plenty of fish in the sea Man, bump all this fishing I'm huntin for meat And yet my conscious wont let me go thru with it all Cuz everytime I see a woman I think of my mom I exhausted my heart man Way back from the start man I was a rookie in the game goin hard like Lebron did Tryna find me a Beyonce just Sean did A celebrity type love that was so unrealistic She said, "Who hurt u? Tell me why u so bitter. Why u aint text me back but all on the Twitter?" I aint the one, girl I got vices And after I partake of them I feel so lifeless And even tho dating u sounds enticing I'd rather go a round in the ring with Tyson Than renew my love license I really ain't much for pain Cuz that's the reason why my heart It don't work the same Hook (2x) Bridge: I got a problem only You can fix Cuz I'm a slave to the habits that I still struggle with And yea as confident as I seem when I'm on my own I still hate all the times that sittin all alone Last thing I wanna do is be another hypocrite Openly claim Your name and then living so very far from it I gave You my heart but then I took it back Thought a career and some women could better handle that You said "I hate watching u struggle can I have it back? U see I died so u wouldn't have to turn to that. I can heal u, u see the stripes on my back? I had Isaiah write it down so u'd remember that" So create in me a clean heart, a new heart straight from You And ima guard it with all diligence because it's brand nu From now on I'm casting every last one of my cares on You And the reason that my heart don't work the same is all because of You
Verse: Flowers cuz its Wednesday Reservations at ur favorite place And aint even yo birthday Wish you could see the look on ur face Pre-Chorus: Baby girl u such a lady Ain't no other like my baby And its just so hard to keep myself from spoilin you See its just the way I'm crafted This is so far from an act and I know u wonder how this happened Check my resume for answers, girl Hook: I'm a professional gentleman (Baby girl, I'ma pro at this) Girl, ur professional gentleman (Lemme show you how the pro's do it) Spontaneous and so thoughtful Cuz loving you is so awesome I'm a professional gentleman Féla: 1 Cutie named Wednesday who cares what ya friends say 2 Mom thinks ima nice young man cuz my ends straight 3 Always wanna go shoppin she centerfold she magazine 4 Put her love in a AK start bussing poetry at the picture frame 1 Move-in day in my dorm you walk in introduce yourself to me 2 Burnin incense bumpin music girl your energy is so compelling 3 Im not here to flex on you baby just show you how crazy 4 It would be if you thought you could ever play me 1 Féla is a winner many models wanna date me 2 Make you jealous maybe don't trip shawty hop on in my scene 3 I am king can I live need that queen to stunt and be real wit 4 Living treacherous all the etceteras don't compare she the illest 1 We two stars caught local coffee shop chillen 2 I'm the beats and the rhymes she my fashionista dime thats killer 3 Like lisa marie meets thriller stitched in fine linens 4 Plush fabrics out for the night life and 5 star seafood dinners Bridge: I'd like to propose a toast To the one female that I love the most Cuz tonight's ur night and it's all about u No special occasion Just my occupation And girl I'm workin just for you Hook:
Phorever 03:55
Verse: I remember when I first met you Now i cant even imagine me without you And you're amazing baby You're so irreplaceable You define beautiful I just thought that you should know No, I don't wanna ever get ahead of myself But i cant see me being with anyone else And i wouldn't have it any other way This is what my heart has to say Hook: I want you to know, girl that I love you And I'd do anything just to be near you My life's incomplete if I don't have you And Phorever is long enough to be with you Verse: I never thought I'd ever find a love like this That has no expiration, one that never ends Someone to have and hold, call my best friend You make me feel complete as a man I thought that you should know how much you really mean to me And that I wanna future with you, raise a family So baby girl I present to you this wedding ring Pop the question down on one knee Hook Bridge: What we have is so special Something I could never let go And every morning when I wake To see your face, girl I'll say Outro Hook: That I want you to know, girl that I love you And I'll stay by your side, I'll never leave you And this love's incomplete if I don't have you And Phorever isn't long enough to be with you
Féla: 1 The future kid poplin wit this new music feel it 2 So many haters in for the wrong reasons wit that cliché image 3 Please don't come near to me never claimed to be realer I'm the realest 4 Ask mommy her son a musician feel it 1 Benz or a saturn bucket this future sound be filled with 2 Feelings expressions from the soul of a pharaoh existing 3 Raw emotions music is emotion dance 4 Free Foe 22 its the colors remix Hook: Oooo...Colors in my head (4x) Féla: Imagine A color you've never seen Thats music at its essence, descriptively I can hear the blues and reds Grab the mic and I shed My music therapeutic You should go and bump that And take a moment and listen Luscious soundin music girl I got, got what you missin More than qualified to bump-bump in your system Illustrate musical genius Bruh, that is the mission, that-that is the mission This is real time inscription on your mind Feel the divine element, we bring a colorful time Gradients and spectrums portray delicate messages Translate em to harmonies textures I present to thee these messages This genius don't question it Rhythms, theory, melodies Presented visually These colors in my head You got-gotta be feeling me Got-gotta be feelin me, right? Hook: Tru Sound: 3:56 and the paint is still fresh Got a message from my heart, It read, "Say it with your chest," Lyrical brush strokes, radiant vibes you see em This music made for the blind, biologically you feelin You feel it? The vividness visualized with lips Emotion creates the colors that I project Got these colors in my hand, and they're spillin straight through the slips And as the color drips I'ma cover the globe in gold Don't hide your eyes from the shine that I behold A youngin with a story thats dyin to be told The rap renegade, I'd rather paint with a conscious flow Get my frame and a microphone Have you ever seen a vision as articulate and specific coming from the lips of an adolescence encrypted with a gift of a don Who was blessed with a gold tongue Who woulda thought a Crenshaw rapper would spit these conscious songs like Hook: KEiTH PHELPS: 1 time for the nap 1 time for the 615 And the 619 And the homies from the city with the ABSTRAKT minds Where an eternity is wanted for studio time 1 time for ones that really never ever fit in No time for the ones, that don't even be tryna to get it For the ones makin music that's ever so stellar And still get rejected by all of these Hellen kellers Thats still lookin for Braille music made without the feeling As opposed to the healin They just wanna make a killing And I refuse to dumb down the gift I was so graciously given I'ma keep goin hard until i finish my mission Record so heavy that A brother had to drop it Every time a new one drop they be like, "He done lost it!" Paint this music on a canvas full of imagery With these colors in my head & now u feelin me like
Hook: Remember all the time that we spent Way back when You know I never thought it'd ever end And even though life took us away For some years and some days Somehow we got a second chance To tell the truth its even Better than it used to be (4x) Ok, remember as kids Bustin backflips On lunch time grasses After classes It's tragic we let our peers get between our magic Lookin back got me wondering where our past went But now fast forward to the future You could say that friendships equivilent to Cupid cooped us back to the dynamic duo that we were a couple years ago And I know it's different, but ain't it better tho? Hook Freshman year I had braces and a recieding hairline But you ain't never hesitated once to wave hi To keep the story short , I asked you out, and you said, "Why?" Rejection at its finest, I left and never inquired Sophomore year it was quite the oposite Came to me like a flower and I fell like a rock and it Was kind of surprising to know that 1 year later After the universe kept us apart Were back to our homeostasis And we're choppin it up on a regular basis You at the studio with me watching this magic in the makin And it's even more magic just to know after what happened Were back in our spaceship coupe love struck on a course crashing To something better than it used to be And girl you've gotten used to me From usin me to loosin me to building me back piece by piece It's a great feeling to know the past is over Like you said, "You only cut somethin off to grow closer" Solo Hook











released August 16, 2013






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Keith Phelps Orlando, Florida

Keith Phelps is a music producer, songwriter, musician and proud Indianapolis native. Phelps is a visionary who uses his vast creative ability to create powerful content with necessary messages. Phelps has spent time on tour as the keyboardist for Haley Reinhart and Legendary R&B singer Jon B. Phelps love for making good music is reflected within his art and he’s only just begun. ... more

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